Do you have to stay away from your favourite cup of hot coffee or ice cream due to sensitivity? Is it a painful experience trying to have them? Does it make you feel awkward in front of your friends and family? Did you answer YES? Then you must have tooth sensitivity. Dental or tooth hypersensitivity is known as a condition where you experience sharp shooting pain in your tooth if you attempt to drink or eat anything cold or hot, sour or sweet. Even simple inhalation of cold air by mouth can enhance this sensitivity. To get rid of this discomfort, ask our caring team for tooth sensitivity treatments in Croydon. A certain level of dental sensitivity is normal for everyone and is common among millions across the world. There is a wide array of causes giving rise to this condition and the degree of sensitivity is subject to vary as well. Getting in touch with our dentists and discussing your symptoms is the best way to treat and prevent this sensitivity.

Causes Resulting In Dental Sensitivity

Tooth enamel erosion is one of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity. Your tooth enamel lends protection to your teeth, covering them and keeping them secured from everything you eat or drink. But over time, tooth enamel is subject to getting worn out, leaving the nerve ends in the teeth to get exposed to all elements you let go in your mouth.

Some of the causes that wear down the tooth enamel and expose them to the risk of sensitivity as identified by our dentists offering tooth sensitivity treatments in Croydon are as follow:

  • Brushing your teeth vigorously can damage the tooth enamel
  • Eating sugary or acidic foods result in the growth of harmful bacteria, which end up attacking the teeth and damaging them.
  • Grinding Teeth is another possible reason for your sensitivity wearing down the protective layer over time.
  • Gum disease, though a less common cause, is also responsible for dental sensitivity.
  • Cracked teeth or dentures are yet another reason recognized for sensitive teeth.

Treatment For Tooth Sensitivity

Each case differs from the other when it comes to treating tooth sensitivity. Our dentists adhere to treatment protocols by understanding your problem and deciding the treatment that is likely to give you the most effective results. The first guide to receive our tooth sensitivity treatment in Croydon is to discuss with our dentists all the symptoms that you have been facing. This will help them to plan the course of treatment. However, the commonly used treatment procedures include:

  • Fillings for cavity
  • The use of Fluoride gel
  • Recommending Toothpaste effective to address sensitive teeth
  • The use of Sealant to serve as a protection to your tooth
  • Root Canal procedure
  • Use of Desensitizing pastes

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