No-Gap Dental

No-Out of Pocket
Gap Free Check-Up, Clean, X-Rays and Fillings for Eligible Health Fund Patients.
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No-Gap Dental

No-Out of Pocket

Gap Free Check-Up, Clean, X-Rays and Fillings for Eligible Health Fund Patients.

Smile Crew, Your No Gap Dentist

No Gap Dentist

 Your No Gap Dentist in Croydon

Smile Crew loves being able to help our insurance patients by making their dentistry way more affordable by providing general dental services for patients who hold dental insurance as gap-free with no out of pocket cost.

This means that we bill your health care provider directly using the HICAPS online portal.  If a full benefit is paid by your health fund, you will not have to pay any additional amount for your treatment.

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Croydon’s No-Gap Dental Is Better Than A Preferred Provider Benefits!

There are a lot of dental practices that are preferred providers and offer some gap-free services only for health funds that they are affiliated with.  Smile Crew goes the extra mile, we have chosen not to discriminate when it comes to your personal choice of health insurance provider, we ACCEPT ALL HEALTH FUNDS AS GAP FREE!  No need to go hunting to find a preferred provider!  

This means that by choosing to be one of our valued patients, we are able to offer you and your family very affordable dental treatment.  As long as you remain a financial Australian health fund member, and have sufficient funds that remain within your annual limit, Smile Crew will be able to claim on your behalf.  This will save you from having to pay out of pocket expenses on your general dental items, such as examinations/consultations, cleans, x-rays, fluoride treatment and fillings.  

We warmly invite you to experience the difference of high-quality dental care, backed up with truly affordable gap-free services.  Chat with our friendly staff today for more information, or, send us a message here, and we will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

Full terms and conditions can be found here, we respectfully ask that all patients holding private dental insurance read this carefully prior to making an appointment.

What Dental Services Are Included in No-GAP Dental?

Dental Check-Up, Clean, Bite-wing X-Rays and Fillings are available for eligible patients with Health funds.

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How does No-Gap Work?

We have 2 examples to explain how No-Gap dental works. This will help you understand how you can pay less for your next appointment at Smile Crew.

No-Gap Example 1

Let’s say you have an annual limit of $600 on your insurance cover for general dental per calendar year. You visit the Smile Crew dentist for a routine check-up and clean. The Smile Crew dentist does the examination and finds that you also need 2 fillings. After the treatment, when you give your health fund card to the front office team, we swipe your health fund card through HICAPS to check how much your health fund covers. Your insurance will have enough funds to cover most of the treatment but will only cover $50 instead of $100 on the last filling. Now you will just need to pay $50 out of pocket for that final filling only. You will not have to pay any out of pocket for the other treatment.

No-Gap Example 2

You have not been to the dentist for a while. Our Smile Crew dentist examines your mouth and advises for bitewing x-rays of your teeth and then does the further check-up. After the x-rays, the dentist found that you need a filling and fluoride treatment. When the health fund was swiped through HICAPS front office found that insurance will cover all the above treatments (Check-up, 1 filling, clean and fluoride treatment). The treatment cost would have been $450 for a non-insurance patient. Now let’s say your insurance will cover $250, leaving a gap payment of $200. As we are a No Gap Dentist, you will not have to pay the $200. Happy No Gap dentistry.

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