Tooth decay can cause tooth damage and even tooth loss, lowering your quality of life. Tooth decay can be reversed with early intervention, and special treatments can help prevent it.

Our team at Smile Crew has put together a step-by-step guide to preventing tooth decay. But, before that, you need to understand what tooth decay is and how you will understand if you have tooth decay.

What Is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay affects both the enamel (the tooth’s outer coating) and the dentin layer.

When carbohydrates (sugars and starches) are left on the teeth, tooth decay occurs. These foods are digested by bacteria in the mouth, which produce acids. Plaque, which is made up of bacteria, acid, food debris, and saliva, adheres to the teeth. Plaque acids eat away at the teeth’s enamel, causing cavities.

Symptoms Of Tooth Decay

Early stages of tooth decay can be difficult to spot. However, there are some common warning signs of tooth decay that you should consider and seek professional help –

  • Chewing or biting pain, or a toothache for no apparent reason
  • Sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet foods
  • White or dark spots on a tooth
  • Teeth with holes or pits

Step-By-Step Guide On Preventing Tooth Decay In Croydon

Preventing tooth decay can be accomplished by doing the right things. You should take the following primary steps:

Brush Regularly Using the Right Technique

At Smile Crew, our dentists recommend brushing for two minutes twice a day. Brushing your teeth should be done at a 45-degree angle, with the toothbrush coming into contact with both the tooth and the gums. This assists in removing debris, plaque, and particles from both the soft tissue and the teeth.

Many dentists recommend using a power toothbrush, which uses sonic vibrations or a rotating head to more effectively brush bacteria away. Avoid using hard-bristled toothbrushes and brushing too hard, as this can cause gum recession.

Floss Every Day

One of the most underutilized dental hygiene practises is flossing. Dental hygienists frequently encounter patients who do not floss their teeth. Flossing is the most effective method of keeping the spaces between your teeth clean and debris-free. Floss comes in various forms, including string floss, flossing brushes, and water flossing devices. If you’re not used to flossing, it may feel like a chore at first. However, the more you floss, the more likely you are to keep doing so and avoid cavities between your teeth.

Use Mouthwash

While you rinse, mouthwash contains bacteria-fighting ingredients that blast away leftover plaque, food, and germs. Before using, read the mouthwash label to make sure you’re rinsing properly. Swish a capful of mouthwash for at least 30 seconds. If the alcohol in your mouthwash causes irritation, consider switching to an alcohol-free formula. For a cleaner mouth and fresher breath, use mouthwash every time you brush your teeth.

Avoid Sugary and Acidic Foods or Drinks

Sugar is the fuel for bacteria in your mouth, which causes tooth decay. Less sugar means less food for bacteria, which means fewer cavities. Acidic foods and beverages are no exception. Certain foods and beverages are bad for your teeth and should be avoided.

If you just can’t get enough sugar, rinsing your mouth with water after eating or drinking can help wash the sugar and acids away.

Go for Regular Dental Cleanings

Early detection of serious tooth decay and cavities is the best way to avoid serious tooth decay and cavities. Routine teeth cleanings can sometimes help prevent cavities by removing the buildup on your teeth that would otherwise cause decay. A bi-annual cleaning and examination at the dentist are essential.

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When you take care of your teeth, your dental appointments will go more smoothly and you will have fewer cavities. You can avoid dental fillings, root canals, and other costly dental procedures by preventing tooth decay. Don’t believe the dental myths that say you don’t need to see a dentist. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a dentist, it’s never too late to start treatment to improve your smile’s health.

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