Wisdom Tooth Removal Croydon

Wisdom Tooth Removal

“Wisdom teeth” is the commonly used term for third molars or back molars. These teeth tend to grow later in adolescence or adulthood as compared to other permanent teeth. For many people, wisdom teeth develop without any problems. Many others don’t have enough space in their mouth to accommodate the third molars without the neighbouring teeth shifting. While this can lead to infection, pain and discomfort, you can rely on Smile Crew for the best solutions.

When do you need wisdom tooth removal?

When enough space is not available in your mouth, the wisdom teeth may erupt in an awkward way or press against the neighbouring areas causing discomfort, pain, and infection. The most common reasons for wisdom teeth removal include gum infection, tooth decay, orthodontic reasons, pressure pain, cyst formation, and prosthetic reasons.

The best way to know if your wisdom teeth need removal is to visit your Smile Crew Clinic in Croydon. Our leading dentist, Dr Manu Kaur, will advise you on the treatment options and recommend wisdom tooth removal surgery based on her evaluation.

What to expect during wisdom tooth removal

During the initial consultation, Dr Kaur evaluates your wisdom tooth, the general condition of your jaws and mouth as well as your overall health. Apart from a careful physical examination, the team will take digital x-rays to get comprehensive insights into the condition of the wisdom tooth to be removed. If the dentist determines that your wisdom tooth can be salvaged with medication or a minor procedure, she will make the appropriate recommendation. Surgical removal of wisdom tooth will be recommended if your wisdom tooth has major issues, is impacted or there is a risk of developing more serious complications.

Wisdom teeth extraction at our dental practice is an outpatient procedure which means there is no prolonged stay required. Dr Manu Kaur is highly experienced at performing wide-ranging dental procedures including wisdom tooth removal. While most patients do not need anaesthesia, Dr Kaur offers sedation dentistry, local anaesthesia, or general anaesthesia depending on the complexity of the procedure and the patient’s anxiety levels.

Dr Kaur will give you detailed instructions on what you can eat in the recovery phase to avoid putting pressure on the surgery site. This includes recommendations for a soft diet, soups, and mashed foods that are easy to chew. She will also prescribe painkillers and other medications as required. If you are given general anaesthesia, your dentist will advise that you call someone to drive you home.


Most people recover fully within three days from wisdom tooth removal. If your wisdom tooth was at an awkward angle or was impacted, it may need a more elaborate surgery. In this case, the recovery can take up to a week.

At Smile Crew, our focus is on making sure your experience right from the initial consultation, through to follow up and beyond is seamless, comfortable, and enriched. Our patient-centric approach and excellence in care are the reasons why we are the top-rated dental practice in Croydon and surrounding areas. Book an appointment today and our caring team will guide you through the process.