Digital Smile Design Croydon

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is the ideal choice for you if you are considering cosmetic dental treatment to alter your existing smile and want to know what exactly the outcome will be. Whether you are looking for crowns, veneers, Invisalign, All-On-Four implants, dental implants, bridges or teeth whitening, choosing DSD will help you visualise the result and remove ambiguity.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a sophisticated technology originally developed by a Brazil-based Dr Christian Coachman. The technology enables dentists to precisely design your smile to your satisfaction before creating the required treatment plan. At Smile Crew, we leverage the technology to optimise the precision and quality of cosmetic dental treatments. The best part is that you get to co-design the smile of your dreams with us.

Using 3D images, videos and advanced software, we compare the 3D image of your existing face with a 3D image of your new smile. We then craft a model of the restorative treatment which is placed over your teeth directly. You can trial the smile before you decide to go ahead with the cosmetic treatment.

Why use Digital Smile Design?

At Smile Crew, our ongoing focus has always been on providing superior results that exceed the expectations of our patients. While our skilled dentists keep abreast of current best practices and techniques, we also leverage the most advanced technology that helps us achieve stunning results for our patients.

DSD enables us to tailor the ideal treatment plan that are aligned perfectly with your needs. It is a winning strategy that helps our patients try out the smile and aesthetics before the actual treatment begins. By testing the created model in your mouth, we can fine-tune the treatment to sculpt the most natural smile that boosts your facial appeal and self-confidence.

Digital Smile Design: How does it work?

Digital Smile Design can be delivered in 3D or 2D formats. While the ‘2D’ Digital Smile Design provides a computer-generated image, the‘3D’ format offers a digital smile mock-up that you can place in your mouth before making a decision. At Smile Crew, we create a superior mock-up using 3D Digital Smile Design so that you can visualise your smile before going ahead with the cosmetic dentistry treatment.

We achieve exceptional digital designs by combining our unparalleled cosmetic artistry with extensive clinical knowledge. The first step in this process is to carefully study and analyse your dental structure and facial features. Our experts make use of advanced imaging studies, scans and videos to gain an in-depth understanding of:

  • dental attributes
  • facial aesthetics
  • facial midline positions
  • how your dental attributes and facial aesthetics are connected
  • the harmony and symmetry of soft tissue
  • Phonetic features

These images help us analyse and design different treatment options to help you achieve your desired smile using our cutting-edge software. At every step of the design, our patients are collaboratively involved which ensures the outcome meets or exceeds their expectations.

Once you approve the design, we convert them into a well-executed treatment plan.

Book an appointment with Dr Manu Kaur today to learn more about Digital Smile Design and how we can utilise this technology to give you the smile of your dreams!