Smile is the secret to your beauty! But this can get ruined in case your gums become prominent. Your gums are important for a certain purpose but should never end up being the center of attraction as you smile. Thick and enlarged gums have a tendency to make your teeth appear dumpy and short, and this is not at all as attractive as that in the case of visible longer teeth. There must be at least one in your friend circle or family who covers up his/her mouth while smiling. While smiling or laughing is a natural instinct as per situation, nothing can make you more uncomfortable than one that requires you to cover up the smile. The only solution to get rid of the discomfort is to opt for a Gum Line Contouring in Croydon and enjoy a healthy smile.

Gum contouring, while not known to many, is a popular dental service we offer that can make your smile pretty and infectious. Who knows, you can finally get to the cover page of your favourite magazine with that killer smile post gum line contouring service! But before actually investing in it, here is a brief about what it is, how it is done, cost, and the post-surgery results you can expect.

What is Gum Line Contouring?

In the last few years, dentists would practice the art of cutting the gums using a scalpel in order to get rid of any unwanted gum tissue. With technological improvement, today’s gum line contouring in Croydon involves minimum invasion, is pain-free, and is quicker than you can imagine. Only in some handful of cases is the scalpel used according to the dental health of the patient. However, the laser is used in most of treatments by dental care providers.

How is gum line contouring done?

Even if it is about your teeth and gum health, it is always better to have some understanding of the matter and its procedure whenever you wish to have any changes made to any part of your body. Coming to how our dentists carry out gum line contouring in Croydon, they use a laser to ensure that the unwanted gum tissues are removed very carefully with minimal pain to help you get the smile you are longing for. This is all about trimming the gum line to reveal your beautiful bright teeth that were undercover all these days. This invasive laser dental care is safe, painless and the fastest option in hand. The use of local anesthesia keeps you away from experiencing any pain and discomfort. The laser even sterilizes the opening of the gums while trimming it to prevent any lacerations. This helps with minimal bleeding and cuts down the chances of infections. And the best part is, this procedure doesn’t require you to make repeated visits to your dentist, i.e., get your smile rectified with a Gum Line Contouring service at your first dental visit to a dental clinic like Smile Crew Croydon.

Recovery and Post Surgery Guidelines

Any sort of cut or dental procedure is likely to make your teeth and gums sensitive for some days. This is no different with the Gum line contouring Croydon. After this procedure, you are likely to experience a sensitive gum condition for a couple of weeks. This calls for being cautious while you brush, floss, or eat. There are no open sores or stitches left behind to be worried about, but too much pricking with a toothpick or brushing roughly, or chewing something hard can cause discomfort. However, the good news is that the recovery period is subject to differ from case to case depending on the number of gum tissues removed and the immunity of the patient.

Concluding Note

Once you get the gum contouring procedure done with our caring dentists, you are likely to feel confident with your bright pearl-like smile. Your onlookers are going to notice this difference in your smile but exactly what caused it is difficult to find out. So, it’s time you smile and laugh out loud with our gum line contouring Croydon service at your convenience.

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